Meantime India Pale Ale

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Meantime Brewing Company, Ltd.
Ale > India Pale Ale (IPA) > English IPA
London, United Kingdom
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About Meantime India Pale Ale

India Pale Ales are commonly associated with Burton-on-Trent as the town became the brewing capital of the world on the back of these pale beers because of the gypsum-rich local water. In fact the style originated in London, and between 1780 and 1820 the East London firm of Hodgson had a jealously guarded monopoly of supply to the growing India market. These beers were characterised by pale malts, long maturation, massive hopping levels and high alcoholic strength. The latter were necessary to ensure the beer survived the long months at sea if it was not to be tipped straight into the harbour at Calcutta - a fate not unknown. Meantime are proud to authentically resurrect this great style, making us the only British brewery to brew a true IPA. “Pale Ale is nothing more than Beer made from worts extracted from the palest malt and boiled with the palest and best hops. The East Kent Hops are the best for this class of ale.” - The Art of Brewing IPA and Export Ale, Stock and Mild Ales – Porter and Stout. James Herbert – 1866 “Very few British brewers accord proper respect to the initials IPA. This elegant bottle calls for a celebration, a toast to friendship - or, if you prefer, a special relationship. If your favourite meal might be described as masala, honour it with your best appetite. Release the cork with a sight and a pop; enjoy the orangey colour; the herbal aroma of Worcestershire hops; and their flavours of sweet grass, orange zest and a hint of aniseed. This beer will make you feel very hungry indeed. Thank heavens the second blossoming of hops, from Kent this time, are a different variety: soothingly oily Goldings. A hint of clove, from the yeast? For heaven’s sake, where’s dinner?” Michael Jackson Jam packed with English Fuggles and Goldings, the beer is brewed with as many hops as we can physically get into the copper. We then fill the lauter tun with hops for a further infusion and then we dry hop with the beer with even more hops using our own unique circulation process to ensure maximum contact between the hops and the body of the beer. All this gives us a final hopping rate of well over 2lbs of hops per barrel.