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Craft Brewer

About this Brewery

Fulton Beer was established in 2009 in Minneapolis, but our story actually begins in 2007, when we started brewing in a basement in the Fulton neighborhood. It wasn’t long before we built a 10 gallon brewery, taking over a 2-car garage in the process. But it wasn’t enough—our beer was disappearing as fast as we could make it. Before we knew it, we were supplying family gatherings, holiday parties, and weddings. Our only problem was that more often than not, there was nothing left for us to drink.

By early 2009, we saw an opportunity to bring Fulton to more of the Twin Cities. We still brew our test batches 10 gallon at a time in Fulton, but we had to find a bigger brewery to make enough Fulton for everyone. We eventually settled on Sand Creek Brewery in Black River Falls, Wisconsin. It’s a 5 hour round-trip each time we brew—not an ideal situation, but it allows us to make Fulton for everyone. And what could be more fun than sharing a great beer with friends?