Pintley’s Free Craft Beer Winners for January - April!


It’s high time to announce the Winter-into-Spring Free Craft Beer winners!

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, we’ve changed our prize structure, so now the top 15 every month can win Free Craft Beer for a Month as long as they pass the 20,000 point threshold! For tips and chances to earn points, don’t forget to keep checking your Points Opportunities Screen.

I can’t wait to see some pictures of the beer you guys buy with this, and as usual, I’m just disappointed that I can’t win. Otherwise, I’d be pwning nOObs. Seriously though, send us pictures!

January Contest Winners

  1. Justin C.
  2. Stephen R.
  3. Brett B.
  4. Daniel W.
  5. Amber L.
And a few others came very close! Keep it up, you can do it!

February Contest Winners

March Contest Winners

  1. Kyle F.
  2. Stephen R.
  3. Daniel W.
  4. Justin C.
  5. Evan M.
  6. Brett B.
  7. Jeff

April Contest Winners

  1. Brett B.
  2. Justin C.
  3. Kyle F.
  4. Jeff

January - April Sweepstakes Winners

  1. Shannon D. (January)
  2. Michael C. (February)
  3. Daryle H. (March)
  4. Britton (April)

You will be receiving an email shortly with information on how to claim your prize. Dont forget to email us or mention us in a Tweet or Facebook post with pictures of you with your prizes so we can live vicariously through your awesome beer discovering journey…

Also, keep your eyes out for events in your area! We’ve been working on free events across the country, many of which feature free samples and giveaways! Keep rating beers to get invited, since we send invitations based on your preferences.



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  • Uspokerplayersonline

    i scored 20,000 points in a month and was left off the list.

  • Brett B.

    Lets send out those emails on how to claim your prizes! Maybe I can use mine to order some ONCEMADE beer if it comes soon. Brett B.