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Company News Feed

Company News Feed

Pintley's news feed organizes every customer interaction with your brand in one place. You can view and respond to ratings, taste notes, favorites, and wishlist additions quickly and easily.


Our new analytics system makes it easy to monitor and improve your brand's performance. Learn how your customers are spreading the word about your brand and get strategic insights on how to optimize your campaigns.

Points Controls

The points manager lets you focus on the actions and products that matter most to you. Assign bonuses as you see fit and control every aspect of your campaign.

Product Tools

With our product tools, you get total control over your products and brand. Upload photos, display awards and accolades, and tell the world why your beer is special.

Messages and Notifications

Pintley makes it easy to interact directly with consumers. Keep your brand personal by starting conversations with your customers.

Locations Manager

Have a tap room or a brewpub? Offer tours at your brewery? Help drinkers discover your beer and share the places & events where they can find it.