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Introducing Pintley's Personalized Beer Recommendations

Pintley for Drinkers

Pintley offers drinkers a different kind of beer community.

Unlike other beer websites, Pintley doesn't just know good beer; we also focus on the individual tastes of our users. We base our personalized beer recommendations on an intimate knowledge of over 21,000 beers and an analysis of more than 2,500,000 ratings and taste notes. Our recommendations help users find beers they'll love based on their own personal preferences.

Pintley also helps users get the most from their beer and connect with the beer community. Our tasting notes, favorites, and wishlists help users keep track of the beer they've tried and how they felt about it. The ability to interact directly with brewers means that users are never far away from the source of the beer they love. And we've made the experience even more exciting by giving away thousands of dollars of free beer and other prizes every month.

Pintley for Brewers

The Pintley Partners Program helps brewers connect with, learn from, and sell more to their best customers.

Unlike other marketing programs, Pintley doesn't offer simple advertising or interruptive marketing. Instead, we help brewers build interactive, word-of-mouth campaigns that turn their customers into raving fans who evangelize their brands.

The Partners Program combines point incentives, detailed analytics, and direct interaction with customers to provide an exceptionally cost-effective marketing solution. With Pintley, brewers don't just shout at potential customers; they cut through the clutter to form lasting relationships and convert one-time drinkers into loyal repeat customers.