Points & Leaderboard

What Are Points?

Pintley measures your participation in the Pintley community with points. The more you do, the more points you earn.

Earn points by completing any of the actions on the Points Opportunities Page or when you see points badges like this in the application:


Tips for Earning Points

In general, Pintley offers the most points for social activities like tracking beers and posting taste notes to Facebook and Twitter. You can also earn points for referring friends to Pintley and encouraging brewers to join the brewery program. During the course of a month, you can repeat many of these activities more than once for the same beer.

Some brewers also offer points bonuses for interacting with their beers. Brewers currently offering bonuses include:

Rules and Enforcement

The Pintley team actively monitors the points program to ensure that it's fair for all users and to prevent spam and repetitive posting.

In order to keep things fair and avoid spam, we've set up limits for specific activities. These limits change from time to time, but if you avoid the following, you won't run into trouble:

  1. Spamming Facebook and Twitter - Pintley's goal is to help you discover beer you'll love and share it with others. Repeatedly posting creates a bad experience for other Pintley users and for your friends and followers on Facebook and Twitter. Avoid it.
  2. Referring Fake Users - This kind of cheating is extremely obvious. Simply put, it won't work. Avoid it.
  3. Over-Posting and Repetitive Activities - In general, repeating the same activity over and over simply for the purpose of earning points is against the rules. We have methods in place to check for this kind of activity and we actively enforce this rule. Avoid it.

Pintley strictly enforces these guidelines and other rules detailed in the Points Program Terms and Conditions and Official Sweepstakes Rules. If you violate these rules, we may reset your points balance to zero or ban your account.