Winter’s Craft Beer Winners!


Old Man Winter Must Be Getting Pretty Old...

Old Man Winter Must Be Getting Pretty Old...

It’s time to announce the Free Craft Beer Winners for November and December!

It feels funny that the first real day of snow in Boston didn’t occur until yesterday, compared to last year’s insane amount of snow.

Nevertheless, we’re finishing the last of our winter warmers and announcing the the winners!

Congratulations to everyone who won during November and December! For those of you who didn’t win, keep your eyes peeled; today we’re announcing even more chances to win free beer!

November Contest Winners

  1. Evan M.
  2. Daniel W.
  3. Kyle F.
  4. Justin C.
  5. Tyler C.

December Contest Winners

  1. Justin C.
  2. Adrian G.
  3. Kyle F.
  4. Daniel W.
  5. Tyler C.

November & December Sweepstakes Winners

  1. Peter A. - November Winner
  2. Mark - December Winner


You should have an email with information on how to claim your prize soon. Dont forget to email us or mention us in a Tweet or Facebook post including pictures of you with your prizes so we can feel wam and fuzzy about all of the awesome beer we’re helping people discover.

Be sure to check your Points Opportunities page for new opportunities that we’re constantly adding!



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