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A Year’s Worth of Winners!

Hello long overdue winners blog post. We meet again. Pintley members! Gather ’round. It’s time to announce the last 11 months of Contest and Sweepstakes winners! May 2012 Contest Winners stephen r. Brett B. Jeff Daniel W. Kyle F. Tatum T. June 2012 Contest Winners Tyler C. jeffery m. Eric W. Brett B. stephen r. [...]

Pintley’s Free Craft Beer Winners for January - April!

It’s high time to announce the Winter-into-Spring Free Craft Beer winners! As I’m sure you’ve noticed, we’ve changed our prize structure, so now the top 15 every month can win Free Craft Beer for a Month as long as they pass the 20,000 point threshold! For tips and chances to earn points, don’t forget to keep [...]

Win Craft Beer for a Year!

Even More Ways to Win Free Beer!

Pintley’s monthly Craft Beer for a Year Giveaway is an ongoing way for Pintley to give back to the beer community. And judging from your reactions, it’s working well …Really, really well! Today, we’re pleased to announce the first of several changes to the program that will make it even easier to win free beer. [...]

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Winter’s Craft Beer Winners!

It’s time to announce the Free Craft Beer Winners for November and December! It feels funny that the first real day of snow in Boston didn’t occur until yesterday, compared to last year’s insane amount of snow. Nevertheless, we’re finishing the last of our winter warmers and announcing the the winners! Congratulations to everyone who [...]

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Fall’s Craft Beer Winners!

It’s now time to announce Pintley’s Winners of Free Craft Beer for the Fall! Fall is, in my mind at least, now officially over since there’s snow on the ground the day after Halloween. Speaking of snow, anyone feel like flying the Pintley team (all three of us!) out to San Diego for some sunny [...]


Summer Comes to an End, More Free Beer!

Ah, the end of summer. I can honestly say that the only thing that really excites me about August coming to an end is all of the fantastic Fall Beers that await my gullet. That, and making my house smell like cinnamon for a month strait. Happy Beginning of Fall Beer Season, beer drinkers. Here [...]

July Winner Time!

Happy Tuesday, beer drinkers. Here are July’s winners for our Free Craft Beer for a Year Sweepstakes and Contest! July Contest Winners Justin Coons Kyle Fidalgo Tyler Cox ItsAllOurBlood Nick Hoffmann July Sweepstakes Winners Jacob K. Paul Moyer Alex Dougherty Nick Flowers AzimuthBrew You should receive an email with information on how to claim your prize [...]

May and June Winners

Double post! Er, well, not really a “double post” in interweb forum language, but in this update we have the winners of both May AND June’s Free Craft Beer for a Year Sweepstakes and Contest! Also, keep your eyes peeled for some awesome new features, points opportunities, beers added to the database, and deer in your [...]

April’s Winners and a New Way to Collect Points - The Beer Add Tool!

It’s been a big month for us at Pintley, with the release of our new apps forAndroid and iPhone. Sorry we kept you waiting so long, Android users, and believe me we were longlingly building the app for months, dreaming of your robotic presence. We’ve also released a new Beer Add Tool, so you can add missing beers [...]

March Winners - Drink Up!

“When the glass is full, drink up, drink up…this may be the last time we see this cup!” - Drinking Song, by Jason Webley. That’s exactly what 10 Pintley members get to do for FREE as the winners of our monthly Free Craft Beer for a Year Sweepstakes and Contest for March! Here are the 10 members of [...]