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Announcing ONCEMADE: Unforgettable Local Beer!

Today is a huge day for Pintley! Just over 2 years ago, we launched the Pintley Beta with one simple goal in mind: to help you discover great beer. Now we’re taking the next step and bringing amazing beer right to your glass. I’m extremely proud and excited to announce the launch of ONCEMADE Beer, a seasonal collaboration [...]


Canning the Future: A Look Inside the Canning Process with Crown

Crown Holdings is one of the oldest surviving supporters of the beer industry. William Painter founded Crown Cork & Seal Company in 1892 to monetize patents for his new invention—the crown bottle cap for carbonated beverages. Within a decade, Painter had invented several devices that increased the speed and ease of sealing bottles with crown [...]


Innovating the Beer Industry: a Q&A with Night Shift Brewing

Massachusetts is one home to some of America’s top craft brewers, including industry-leaders like Sam Adams and Harpoon Brewery, as well as almost five-dozen smaller operations in and around Boston. Like many of its competitors, Night Shift Brewing offers some fantastic beers. But what makes Night Shift so unique is the way it’s quietly innovating—from [...]

Left Hand Nitro Milk Stout Bottles Hit Shelves!

If you haven’t had a fortunate enough life to have tried Left Hand’s Milk Stout on Nitro, leave now. Find your nearest craft beer bar, and demand it. Let me know when you’re back. … Now that we’re all on the same “Milk-Stout-on-nitro-is-fantastic-and-as-creamy-as-it-gets” page - something wonderful has happened! Left Hand has become the first [...]

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Night Shift Brewing Receives Federal License Approval

If you’ve ever met me, you’ve probably heard me rave about Night Shift Brewing, one of the new start-up breweries based here in the Boston area. Nearly a year ago, they invited Tim and I to check out the beers that they had been homebrewing in their Somerville house (actually, they basically converted the whole [...]