Atwater Block Brewery

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Atwater Block Brewery
Craft Brewer

About this Brewery

Atwater Block Brewery, located in Detroit’s historic Rivertown district is housed in a 1916 factory warehouse that was founded in March of 1997. Our brewing process however, is over 200 years old. We are able to brew our brands in the true heritage style of German lagers. With our imported Kasper Schultz brew house, only the finest malt and hops from Germany are used to brew our lagers and only the finest American hops for our specialty Ale’s. Atwater block beers are distinctly fresh and flavorful, which is why we have a slogan “We drink all we can and sell the rest”.Atwater Block Brewery is carrying on the rich history of breweries in Detroit, we are THE brewery of the "D".


Atwater Block Brewery

237 Jos Campau
Detroit, Michigan 48207