Iron City Brewing Company

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Iron City Brewing Company
Regional Brewer

About this Brewery

Edward Frauenheim – a young German immigrant – formed Iron City Brewing Company in 1861, when Pittsburgh was establishing itself as an industrial superpower. The mills were busy, there were jobs for all, and the beer flowed freely.

In 1866, the business outgrew its original facilities on 17th Street and moved to a four-story brick building on the corner of Liberty Avenue and 34th Street, where we continue to operate today.

From the beginning, innovation was encouraged at Iron City Brewing. We were the first American brewery to produce a lager and the first to brew a true light beer. Through the years, we introduced many more revolutionary inventions in products and packaging. That creative spirit continues to drive our business today. When it comes to our beer and our customers, we settle for nothing but the best.


Iron City Brewing Company

3340 Liberty Avenue
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15201