Odell Brewing Company

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Odell Brewing Company
Craft Brewer

About this Brewery

Doug Odell's passion for crafting great beer started in his kitchen in Seattle. After the demand for his home-brew grew, Doug-along with his wife Wynne-searched for a good location to take Doug's passion commercial. They moved to Fort Collins to be closer to Doug's sister, Corkie, who quickly joined forces with them in opening the brewery in 1989.

After brewing and kegging his beer, Doug would deliver it, pick up empties, and make sales calls out of his old mustard-colored Datsun pickup. Our original brewery was located in an old grain elevator built in 1915, and was the second microbrewery to open in the state of Colorado. This brewery employed four floor levels to gravity-feed its beer from a 15-barrel brew kettle into open fermentation tanks, through cellaring and into draft kegs, the only package then offered.

During the first five years, the popularity of our hand-crafted ales grew so much that we needed a larger facility to meet the increasing demand. Thus a whole new brewery, with the current 50-barrel brewhouse, was built in 1994.

After a 6 year commitment to an all-draft product, we began bottling beers in 1996. A 10,500 square foot addition was needed to accommodate the addition of the new Krones bottling line. In 1997, the five barrel pilot system (one tenth the size of our main brewing system) was brought in to give the brewers a place to create and innovate in small batches. The Odell brewers are still creating new recipes, trying out different yeasts and practicing new techniques on this system, with the best results ending up on draft in the Tap Room.

We have invested significantly over the years to research new hop exposure processes, searching for ways to deliver the optimal flavor and aroma profiles to our selection of beers. The result, our delectable 5 Barrel Pale Ale, hopped in 8 stages with 6 different hops, and our newest member of the family, IPA, hopped in 7 stages with 6 different hops.

Today, Odell Brewing Co. also offers five different keg sizes and half-gallon draft jugs (available only at the brewery). Come visit us anytime, on Lincoln Avenue just three quarters of a mile east of downtown Fort Collins.

We currently produce at an annual rate of approximately 40,000 barrels. Odell beers are available in bars, restaurants, and liquor stores throughout Colorado, and in Wyoming, South Dakota, Kansas, New Mexico, Nebraska, Missouri and Arizona.


Odell Brewing Company

800 East Lincoln Avenue
Fort Collins, Colorado 80524