Beer Gifts: Pintley’s Top 5 Beer Gifts for Beer Geeks

We’ve already looked at beer gifts for novices and enthusiasts. Now it’s time to turn our attention to beer geeks. These drinkers choose their bar based on the number of taps and the quality of the pours. Home brewing and beer fests are typical weekend activities. If they’re not busy brewing beer, they’re evangelizing it. In short: beer geeks don’t just like craft beer; they live it.

Naturally, trying to find beer gifts suitable for these tap tyrants is a formidable challenge. Here are some great gifts that any beer geek is sure to appreciate.

Pintley’s Top 5 Beer Gifts for Beer Geeks

1.  How To Brew by John Palmer

Beer Gifts - How to Brew

How To Brew is among the best beer brewing books published and one that all beer drinkers, including beer geeks, can learn from. While beer geeks will probably skip the first few sections, this book is a regular brewing encyclopedia, and the chapters on Troubleshooting and Developing Your Own Recipes are sure to keep even advanced Geeks busy.

How To Brew - $16

2.  A Rare Beer

Beer Gifts - Rare Beers

Beer Geeks love rare beers. Find out what rare beers your beer geek hasn’t had a chance to try, and buy them one! CAUTION: Once that rare beer is given, don’t try and take it away… they may turn into Gollum. MY PRECIOUS!!!

Here are a few of our favorites:

3. A Brewery Tour Road Trip

Beer Gifts - Brewery Tour

Beer gifts can come in all shapes and sizes. Why not take take a road trip? The United States is flourishing with great local breweries. To assist you on your search for great brewery tour locations, Pintley will start you off with two of our favorite destinations: New England and the San Francisco Bay Area.

  • New England Brewery Tours
  • Bay Area Brewery Tours

4.  Advanced Brewing Supplies

Beer Gifts - Advanced Brewing Supplies

If your beer geek is starting to home brew regularly, it may be time to help them upgrade their equipment. Wort chillers, kegging systems, and other advance homebrewing equipment make great gifts for beer geeks!

  • Wort Chiller
  • Kegging System

 5. Tap Handles

Beer Gifts - Chalk Board Tap Handles

Decorate that kegerator with a nice tap handle. Buy them a tap handle from their favorite brewery or get them chalk board tap handles so they can showcase what’s on tap. Either of these options will make a great addition to your beer geek’s kegerator.

Walnut Chalk Board Tap Handle - $40