Beer Gifts: Pintley’s Top 5 Beer Gifts for Novice Drinkers

Buying gifts is never easy because it requires you to have an exhaustive understanding of someone’s interests, personality, and current possessions. None of us are mind readers, so it’s naturally difficult to find “the perfect gift.” The weakest among us turn straight to the gift card. But with our handy guide to beer gifts, we’re going to help you do much better than that.

Buying beer gifts doesn’t have to be complicated. Before you dive into your wallet, simply make sure the gift you buy mirrors the kind of drinker you’re buying for. We’ve made things simple by compiling some suggestions that match beer gifts with the recipient’s beer drinking experience. Let’s start with the “novice drinker.” If your drinker is more experienced, check out the beer gifts for beer enthusiasts and beer geeks.

Pintley’s Top 5 Beer Gifts for Novice Drinkers

You’re ready to buy a beer gift for someone who has recently escaped from the shackles of mass-produced fizzy yellow water.  Maybe their pallet is a bit immature, but you’ve noticed them experimenting with craft beers, talking about types of hops, and using terms like “malty.” Reward their curiosity with an assortment of beer gifts that matches their love of trying new beers.

1. The Brewmaster’s Table

Beer Gifts - The Brewmaster's Table

The Brewmaster’s Table is the quintessential book for novice drinkers who are eager to learn. Garrett Oliver, brewmaster at Brooklyn Brewery, effortlessly guides the reader through the history of beer with a focus on the brewing process, geographic brewing traditions, and pairing beer with food. This beer gift will fine-tune the recipient’s knowledge and open their eyes to a wide variety of beer styles they probably haven’t tried before. As such, The Brewmaster’s Table is one of the best beer gifts for novice drinkers.

Buy The Brewmaster’s Table - $14


2. Beer Glassware

Beer Gifts - Beer Glassware

At one point or another, every serious beer drinker needs their own set of glassware. Novice drinkers are unlikely to own a good set already, making this beer gift a perfect catalyst as they expand their horizons. We recommend checking out Crate & Barrel’s glassware, since they have a wide variety of quality glasses. If a gift set is more your style, check out Libbey’s glassware set on Amazon, but note that some of the glassware is actually mislabeled in the description.

Buy a Libbey Beer Glassware Set - $31


3. The Beatles Beer Coasters

Beer Gifts - Coasters

Your novice is going to be doing a lot drinking. Your novice likes music. It’s The Beatles combined with craft beers… ’nuff said!

Buy The Beatles Beer Coasters - $16


4. Beer Bottle Cap Magnet Board

Beer Gifts - Bottle Cap Magnets

Stop throwing away your beer bottle caps. At its fullest potential, this beer gift should be hung on your recipient’s wall with pride. Think of it as their own personal Mona Lisa of beer. It’s a symbol of their drinking accomplishments and exemplifies their pallet progression. This beer gift takes some material to create so we’ve attached a great link from The BeerCast to help you with the materials needed. Perfect for any beer novice who’s also crafty and creative.

How to Make Bottle Cap Magnets


5. 8GB USB Flash Drive Bottle Opener

Beer Gifts - USB opener

Flash drives are functional on their own. A flash drive bottle opener: simply amazing. Finish up that dissertation young grad student, save that sh*t, then reward yourself with a well-earned beer!

Buy an 8GB USB Flash Drive Bottle Opener - $11

  • As someone who owns The Brewmaster’s Table, it’s a must have - good call! I think tickets to a local beer fest make a great gift for a beer novice that’ll totally get them fully sucked in, too…